For Our Home – Cathedral Park Members

Hello and Welcome to the Members page!

Meetings Agendas:

Marketing Team Meetings

Development Team Meetings

Owner/Architect/Contractor Meetings (request link)

Member Meetings

Happy Hours!

One of the best ways to get to know us is to join our Zoom Happy Hours on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 6:00pm Pacific Time and 4th Sunday of each month @ 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Calendar of Events:

Workshops and Community Building Events:

Cohousing Association of the US:

As an organization, we are enrolled in the Coho US “Community Launch Program” which gives us access to a host of events and resources. As an OCHP Member, you have full access to the program. To enroll, follow this link to the Partner Registration form on the CohoUs website, and make sure you enter Our Home – Cathedral Park as your community!

Benefits include:

  • Discounted registration for the National Cohousing Conference in Madison, WI August 2022
  • Free access to more than 2 dozen sessions from the Madison conference pre-recorded for remote access
  • Free access to online events in 2022
  • Access to CohoUS’ full library of recorded event sessions, sorted by event or topic. (Over 150 sessions)
  • Classified Listing on our website (including Find It page) and in our eNews
  • Coming in 2022 – a Policy Database
  • Highlighted Directory listing (available only to our partners)
  • Support for the cohousing movement, CohoUS, and the many public services we offer, including, the cohousing directory, and more
  • And a live/virtual personal connection with our Communications Director to help you make the most of your connection with CohoUS

Connect, Collaborate, Grow, with Karen Gimnig:

We are working with Karen Gimnig as our Process Consultant as we get this community underway, and as Members we all have access to her incredible platform. It’s a place to connect with Karen and other folks in forming communities around the country, and she offers a wealth of workshops that will be essential to our all getting the information we need to build a healthy vibrant community.

The classes are offered on a rotational basis, at a variety of times, and all are virtual, so check back often, and coordinate with other OHCP Members if there is a class you are interested in. It will be great for us all to absorb

You can enroll and learn more by clicking here. Again, make sure you put Our Home – Cathedral Park as your community, and you should gain full access.


The Intentional Communities circle of Sociocracy4all (SoFa) has decided to make the recordings of our fabulous first annual conference focused on ICs (intentional communities) available to all without charge! This means the excellent presentations on significant—and common—issues like “handling objections” and integrating sociocracy into a community that has been using other approaches are available to you with just a few clicks on the SoFa web site. Go to Click on the “Training and Events” menu option posted along the top of the home page. Click on “Conferences” and find the November 20 2021 conference presentations listed for your consideration. You may share this access information with anyone you think would appreciate it. The recordings are available to all, not just members of SoFa.

Member Drive:

This link takes you to the place to share your Social Media ideas, and Member Meetings agenda requests, copies of our Admission Agreements, Member meeting agendas, information on Sociocracy, our list of Players, Relationships, and Terms, OHCP / PCLLC Member Mission Statement, and more!

We are working on adding content for this page. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or want something added here. Thanks!