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Colleen N.

Hi, I’m Colleen.  I grew up in Illinois along the bluffs of the Mississippi River and in the rolling hills of central Iowa.  There’s nothing better than spending a day hiking along a mountain lake with spring wildflowers all around.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano.  I love baking rhubarb pies.  I wish someone could teach me how to make a major difference for the environment.  


Rebecca H.

I grew up in Detroit, aka Motor City aka Motown. If I could describe my perfect day, it would be a long hike in beautiful nature which doesn’t require a long car ride to get to, without crowds of humans, accompanied by one or a small group of friends with some tasty food for lunch & snacks. I wish that I had more time for books, podcasts & time in nature. I enjoy many foods & cuisines so it’s hard to choose a favorite! Fresh seasonal produce from the farmers market. Also I love bread! I would love to learn the skills & confidence to successfully complete small home repairs/improvements. Including the use of power tools.
Neva and Alicia in the backyard

Alicia D. and Neva S.
Hi! I’m Alicia and this is my daughter, Neva. Originally from Iowa, I’ve been in Oregon since 1990 and in Portland almost that entire time. I love to ride my bicycle long distances, surround myself with beautiful things (art, music, or nature), and eat, drink, and be merry with friends. I am looking forward to more time to paint and I would love to have a mentor to teach me more about color, materials, and technique.

Neva is a Portland native whose interests are wide ranging from watching baseball, eating Fritos and listening to opera. She has a love for delicious food, the outdoors, excitement, and music and looks forward to hosting Friday night pizza and dance parties in the community room.

We both look forward to living in a community that learns and laughs together!

Marie hiking
Marie B.
I have lived in the same house in Portland, Oregon since I was born. My perfect day is when it is sunny outside and I am hiking at Tryon Creek, creating clay pieces, and eating my favorite foods. My favorite hobby is working on my art. My top two favorite foods are mac & cheese and ice cream. I want to learn from an expert how to market my colorful art. I’m looking forward to community game nights and being with everyone.

Megan D. and Xavier
We are a mother-son team who are native to Portland, Oregon and currently residing in NE Portland.

Xavier is an awesome, friendly, and intelligent young man who is incredibly knowledgeable and talented when it comes to music, audio engineering and music production. He enjoys his free time as a part time Youtuber, practicing voice acting, playing bass and video games especially animal crossing and more recently contributing his perspective to community projects.

Adara and family on a boat

Adara M. (Abby, David, and Corwin)

Abby: I grew up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the most rural corner of a rural state. After living a lot of other places in my late teens and twenties, I had moved back for good when I fell in love with someone on the wrong side of the country, and I’ve made Oregon and Southwest Washington home since 2004.

A perfect day begins with a crossword puzzle in a quiet house, and ends with a good novel in bed. In between, I would walk in a beautiful place, preferably treed, preferably with a great conversationalist or two. I would eat good food, play a board game or two, and not think once about laundry, dishes or dirty floors.
I have taken a few baby steps into making inks from plants (oak galls, lichen, beets, flower petals), and I would love to have more time to devote to this.
I love all food. But really, I’m a sucker for a good bowl of homemade soup with crusty buttered sourdough. 

I love learning from anyone with a deep knowledge base in what they love. I love to be surprised when someone else’s passion lights me up for something I never thought I would be interested in. I am not a great student, but I like to think I’m still open to learning new things.


Lindsey C.

I was born in Honolulu and lived there until I was 11 yrs old.  Then I moved to Glenview, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago where I lived until I was 28 yrs old.  My perfect day would be to be up at 9ish and take a walk down Alberta Street for coffee and a pastry at one of my favorite coffee shops, take the dogs for a walk at some fun spot like Mt Tabor, or the Leaf Erickson Road, or Tom McCall Park and the East Esplanade across the Tilikum Crossing Bridge and stop at a food truck pod for lunch before or after the walk.  I’d like to then relax a little and meet up with my sisters for dinner at  one my favorite restaurants.  My favorite food is probably any dessert! I would love make studying the night sky my hobby and learn more about the International Space station and the Astronauts that spend time there from an expert.

Rick C., Lisa S., and Elijah

Rick enjoys the quiet of natural settings and the beauty of diverse communities.  He loves hiking, backpacking and fishing.  He also enjoys reading, browsing in bookstores, and traveling.  He is more of a quiet generalist, but enjoys working with groups, wordsmithing, tinkering, and delving into topics around spirituality, ending racism and climate change.  Lisa loves hanging out with her family/friends – hiking, traveling and learning together. One of her favorite interests is policy work in the legislature.  She enjoys playing flute with classical/Irish ensembles and loves traveling abroad. She is committed to using her white privilege to end systematic racism.

Our son, Elijah, is inspired by innovation, beautiful engineering, fine cars, history, current events and amphibious pedal vehicles.  Our daughter, Albany, just started college out of state in August 2021. She is inspired by space flight, science, social justice, the environment and more. She also loves dogs/cats, surfing and traveling.   We work daily to honor them and their paths.

Camilla S.  – Bio coming soon!

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  • Tech gurus
  • Financial experts
  • Musicians
  • Laughers
  • Moms and Dads
  • Singles, couples and families
  • Long-distance bicycle riders
  • Gardeners
  • Change Makers
  • Dance party fans
  • Cooks
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  • Readers
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  • Music lovers
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