Our Financial Structure

Many things make the Our Home – Cathedral Park project unique and exciting, but our innovative financial structure is right up there with our community members, architectural design, and partnerships.

Our Home – Cathedral Park has had the incredible fortune of being able to springboard off the generous project support of several nonprofit organizations, foundations, and many community supporters. In early 2013, Oregon nonprofit, Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative began envisioning Our Home – Cathedral Park as a replicable and scalable example of inclusive community development to further its charitable mission to support, promote, and develop inclusive and diverse communities. Working with Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative,  Kuni Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation,  and Metro, as well as many private family donors who continue to show their belief in the value of our inclusive and diverse community through generous financial support, have provided predevelopment funding and assistance with our affordability structure. These funds help establish part of our ‘first in’ equity – funds that are notoriously difficult for cohousing communities to raise, as they are essential, but most at-risk during the early stages of the development. Our Home, ICC has continued to be the fearless driver and champion of our community through predevelopment and acts as our Mission Manager as a member of our development entity, Platypus Community, LLC.  Proud Ground will work with Our Home – Cathedral Park to provide several permanently affordable units. Community Vision, Inc. provided assistance with early feasibility studies and by initially securing the land where we will build our home. Community Vision continued to act as landholder for several years while our founders worked tirelessly to bring our community and funding together.

Our Home, ICC and the community of Our Home – Cathedral Park are currently working together to facilitate the purchase our property. Individuals interested in assisting with bringing this innovative community model forward by participating in a secured loan with a reasonable return to our soon to be formed landholding LLC should reach out through our Contact Us button and we will be in touch with our prospectus and details immediately.

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