Our Vision & Mission

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Our Mission

Our Home – Cathedral Park is a unique cohousing community and the flagship development of Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative. OHICC’s mission ‘to promote, support and develop inclusive and diverse communities’ is the foundation that Our Home – Cathedral Park is built upon. With the assistance of OHICC, our community members are championing a groundbreaking approach to building community, combining innovative design and thoughtful management to host a variety of home ownership opportunities for individuals and families of diverse abilities, ages, and income levels.

Ambitious plans such as these do not come together on their own, and Our Home, ICC is grateful for the generous help from our partners:

  • Community Vision, https://cvision.org/ a local nonprofit working to support families and individuals experiencing disability
  • Proud Ground, https://proudground.org/ the largest Community Land Trust in the Pacific Northwest
  • Urban Development + Partners, https://www.udplp.com/ a Portland development firm with extensive experience in multi-family construction and cohousing development

Our Vision

We are family and friends creating joyful inclusive community connections

Our Values

We believe that all members of our community should be able to play an equal role in the development of our shared identity and vision:

  • Growing together as a community and as individuals
  • Creating an authentic sense of belonging
  • Making decisions cooperatively
  • Sharing resources
  • Respecting and embracing differences
  • Giving and receiving
  • Enjoying each others’ company
  • Connecting with our surrounding neighborhood, city, and region

Vision words on paper

Words that light us up!

  • Playful, fun, humor, happiness, wellbeing, zeal, and peace
  • Thoughtfulness, patience, compassion, tenderness, and generosity
  • Safety and security
  • Teamwork, contribution, collaboration, usefulness, and humility
  • Relationship, connection, friendships, and family
  • Inclusion and diversity!

We are building Our Community now!

We are actively gathering community, supporters, and funding.
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As in life, we at OHCP acknowledge that change happens. Information on this site is subject to updates and modifications.